• 10 Stadiums
  • 7000 employees
  • 64 games
  • 515 work teams
  • 50 wireless biometric devices
  • Central realtime monitoring

K-log GSM Biometrics

Every K-log device sends our control system a “heartbeat” every 45 minutes!

In the event of network failure, the employees can continue to use the device. K-log will cache the information and the moment network connectivity is re-established, the information will be submitted to the K-log servers automatically. With K-log.. we ensure that every minute counts.


Rostering and Shift Rules

It’s not about the device - the power of K-log becomes evident when you work with the shift rule and rostering engine and see how easily it is able to calculate accurate and reliable payroll input.

K-log was designed to work in South Africa with our basic conditions of employment, bargaining councils and unions and is able to interface directly into any payroll system using standard exports.

Cut your payroll costs by 10% to 15%

During K-log parallel run phases, the K-log team record the results of the K-log time keeping and the shift and rounding rules.

These are compared to the clients legacy clocking or manual systems.

In every rollout so far, K-log has shown that our customers were losing between 10 and 15 percent of productive time and thereby, paying 10 to 15 percent more to the staff than was necessary.

For salaried employees, K-log enables the employer to track “short hours” and to show these as a negative earning on the payslip. K-log is also able to manage multi-vendor environments, sub-contractors, hourly and permanent workforce staff with different payment cycles, shift rules and payroll exports within a single company configuration.



Monitoring those late night shift changes and absenteeism

Not a problem if you have K-log. K-log will email you or sms you moments after the shift starts. Your managers don't have to be on site to monitor the staff.

The key to successful management of large or decentralised workforces and multiple shift changes is realtime information:

• Which employees are on site

• Who is late

• Who is early

• Who has not arrived



Staff routing and patrolling

For patrol / guarding type environments, knowing that your staff are at their scheduled work points on time... and stay there for the entire shift duration is essential. K-log's activity tracker ensures that the staff are not only on site, but also active by recording their routing and notifying the manager by SMS if there is inactivity for a predetermined duration.




Reports and payroll interfaces

K-log has a powerful reporting engine and scheduler. Tell us what reports you want... when you want them.. and who must receive them... and K-log will without fail, ensure that you receive these reports on time... everytime. Imagine having to the minute, accurate information on:

 • attendance registers
 • shift adherence
 • overtime and holiday hours
 • leave
 • payroll interface files
 • invoicing interface files
 • and much more.